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Telephones w/ Video!! [Dec. 15th, 2006|08:09 pm]
Writing and Technology
Video Phones are an extremely new, and growing, new technology. They are primarily used by Deaf people, but are also being used by people who travel a lot (especially long distances) and have loved ones they would like to stay in touch with on a more personal level. Many men and women in war are using video phones to talk to their families in America while they are away. Video phones are very similar to a TTY (known as TDD in the older generations), which is a telephone with a keyboard attached so that the Deaf person can type to a relay service who will then voice interpret what is written to the hearing person on the other end of the phone. The video phone is an amazing invention for Deaf people, because they can now “talk” to each other without having to type everything out, which is a huge inconvenience and time consuming for the people involved. The video phones are set up very similar to web cameras, and work just as telephones do. Each person has a camera and they connect to each other so that when they sign back and forth to each other it is visibly seen. This invention has helped Deaf people to communicate a lot better and more efficiently. The video phone systems also have a relay service with actual certified and qualified sign language interpreters that interpret what is signed to the (hearing) listener, and sign back to the Deaf person what the hearing person said. This is much easier for the Deaf person to understand.