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Online Bill pay [Dec. 15th, 2006|08:08 pm]
Writing and Technology
Online bill pay is becoming more and more predominant. Many people love the comfort of being “able to pay bills t their underwear”; that is the slogan that is commonly used with online bill pay commercials to attract more people. This appeals to the common person because it means they can be in the comfort of their own home, but still get bills paid with no errands and running around. This has obviously become more common with more and more advanced in technology; for example, the increased use of the internet and world wide web. Online bill pay saves people from having to write checks and send bills via mail, which can get lost or stolen, and there are no repercussions –if the bill is late it’s late. This way the bills can be paid quickly, on time, and go through the company For Sure. Many people forget about bills that need to be paid and scramble around at the last minute so they can try to get the bills paid on time; with online bill pay just a couple clicks and the bill is paid no problem. Online bill pay reduces late fee’s and other surcharges and can be acquired for no reason at all. The online bill pay system has helped me tremendously with staying organized, paying the bills on time, and keeping my records together.