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Online courses [Dec. 15th, 2006|08:07 pm]
Writing and Technology
Online classes are becoming a hot commodity for a college students seeking an education. A lot of students prefer to take a class online rather than having to travel to the school daily and physically sit in the classroom to learn from a professor who is lecturing in person. The main advantage of taking a class online is the convenience of being able to take the class from your own home, in your own room, at your own pace. You can take the class on your own time, and schedule the time in which you take your class according to when it is best for you. Instead of asking the teacher for permission whenever you want to leave class, whether the break is for the restroom or to get a snack, you are now able to come and go as you please. This is obviously more appealing to students to be able to do class on their own, and especially more appealing because they do not have to sit through a lecture or deal with teachers they may (or may not) get along with and understand. They can sit through the lecture in short spurts, which makes some people (like myself), who have trouble focusing, learn easier. That way their brain does not get overloaded with information and it is not as frustrating to the student because they are not forced to learn information at a certain pace and a certain time.