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XM radio [Dec. 13th, 2006|01:51 am]
Writing and Technology
XM radio= now people can listen to music non-stop with out ANY commercials. Listeners can choose from over 200 radio stations, which gives he or she a wide variety of music to choose from. There are all different types of music to choose from. From old to new, classical to rock, jazz to polka, country to rap, etc. If you listen to a song and decide that you really like it, and want to hear it again, you can store it on the radio’s memory. The song will be saved there for you to listen to any time you want, even if the song is not out on a cd (or even the radio) yet. This is an extremely new theory for music because it can completely overtake cd’s, possibly in the same way that cd’s have outdated tapes. If people can hear the songs they want to listen to, without having to go out and buy the cd, then they will just continue to utilize the XM’s memory space and not be spending extra money paying for music they have already stored on their radio. With XM radio people can listen to their personal choice of music, and save the songs so it is almost like playing a mix cd with all the songs that YOU decide to play; in essence you are your own dj. Many people get XM radio because you are guaranteed to have service everywhere you drive, and there are many places out in the country, or in small towns, that do not get radio reception very well…this can be very annoying. Since XM radio is controlled by a satellite system, then the service is nation-wide, and in all actuality is world-wide. I want XM radio.