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Introducing the Ceiling Fan [Dec. 2nd, 2006|03:23 pm]
Writing and Technology
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Ceiling Fans

My topic for the day is ceiling fans. I think that these are the best invention for keeping you house and your electricity bills down. These fans keep the air circulating and they push the hot air that normally rises to the ceiling down to the level where you sit. Before ceiling fans where invented they used the paper fans. Either they created them by using a fan fold with paper or they used a card board piece of paper with a stick stapled to the back so they could use the stick as a handle. When I was a kid and went to church they did not have any air conditioner and we had to use the fans that had the cardboard and stick kind. Your hand got so tired when you frequently fanned yourself. In our own home we had floor fans but never a ceiling fan. Now that I am older I can not sleep without the ceiling fan going. Recently we had to go out and replace our ceiling fan because it wobbled. It was a very hard choice because just like everything else these days there were so many options to choose from. There were the ones that were so silent that could go on high speeds and did not make any noises and there were the ones that had the remotes that you did not have to get up and pull the cord. And there was the wood or the metal with the different attachments like the lights or the ones with the shades. We were there for hours trying to decide which one to choose. Well to make a long story short we had to choose one that did not look so feminine also. So we chose one that looks like something that should be in a cabin. It is black with small lamp shades on it. It also has a remote because we are too lazy to get up and turn it on. I installed this ceiling fan and believe me to hold it in place while I put in the screws all by my self was a chore. But I was successful at the installation and it is functioning just fine.

From: kc_cbr
2006-12-15 05:12 pm (UTC)


I have never thought about how much I love ceiling fans myself! I run mine in my apartment all the time, it too allows me to sleep a little better with the cold air on my face and a little background noise. Not to mention they keep the air circulating so it doesn't get stale!!
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